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The Most Interesting Story Correction I’ve Ever Made

30 Jun


So today my profile of Jared Jeffries went live on SLAM Magazine’s website. The story ran in the latest issue of SLAM.

Some quick background: the story was part of SLAM’s annual “Throwback” issue. As my editor said when he sent me the assignment: “Jeffries snuck onto a SLAM cover once and he has a fishing show now.” The second part of that sentence had me hooked and, it turns out, Jeffries is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever interviewed. That’s essentially what the profile is about, so I urge you to go read it. I promise, Jared Jeffries is more interesting than you think. He told me about the time he went alligator hunting with Brad Miller and all the crazy fishing trips he’s taken.

During our conversations he mentioned someone by the name of Josh Temple, a close friend who charters boats for a living. I looked Temple up, gave him a call and he sent me this long e-mail full of all sorts of anecdotes and quotes.

Now, you might have noticed that in the online version the following correction appears at the end of the article.

“The print version of this article misstated Jeffries’ possession of a teddy bear named Mr. Biggles. Jeffries does not own a teddy bear.”

This, I felt, was something I should explain, so here we go: most of the stories Temple shared with me came via e-mail. One that stood out: how there was this teddy bear Jeffries brought with him everywhere he went. Here’s what I wrote in the magazine:

Also, Mr. Biggles must always be nearby.

That’s Jeffries’ teddy bear. According to Josh Temple, who’s been fishing with Jeffries for nearly a decade, Mr. Biggles can never leave Jeffries’ side. Jeffries was carrying the raggedy bear with him the first time he met Temple. The bear was brought along a few years later when the two chartered a yacht to celebrate Jeffries’ marriage. It was also there not long after when they set sail to help Jeffries get over his divorce. Jeffries has been caught cuddling with Mr. Biggles in bed. It took Temple a few years, but eventually he was able to summon up the courage to inquire why, exactly, an extremely large grown man was toting around a stuffed animal everywhere he went.

The answer didn’t provide much clarity.

“You mean you don’t have one?” Temple remembers Jeffries responding. “Shit, Mr. Biggles is the man.”

All that came from Temple. The mistake I made (and, journalistically, it was a bad one) was not verifying with Jeffries. Then again, WHAT KIND OF PERSON WOULD MAKE UP A STORY ABOUT A TEDDY BEAR?!

Turns out, a ship captain named Josh Temple.

Here’s an e-mail I got from Jeffries this week.

Why would you believe Josh on the Teddy Bear thing. Lmfao. There was no Mr. Biggles.
You’re crazy. Please take that out of the online article.

I emailed Temple and relayed the message. His response:

Don’t let Jared snowball you he’s a shiester! He takes Mr Biggles everywhere he goes! He probably doesn’t want it made public but those are the facts!

At this point I was confused and also annoyed. Also, I couldn’t believe that I was actually going back and forth trying to verify the existence of a Mr. Biggles.
I reached back out to Jeffries. His response:
On my kids that’s not true. Lol
He then forwarded me an e-mail from Temple that made it seem as if this whole thing was a prank of some sort. So, there you go. My bad, for sure. But also gives you a little insight into the type of people Jared Jeffries hangs out with and why he’s such a fun dude.
Also, I’m sure this is exactly the type of stuff Woodward and Bernstein spent their time on.

New Story on Keith Van Horn

13 Jun

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 6.03.21 PM

My latest story for SLAM Magazine, which will be in the upcoming throwback issue, which is going to be awesome, went up online today. It’s on Keith Van Horn. Check it out when you get a chance; it’s not everyday you get to read a “where are they now” story about someone who didn’t go broke. Also, had a blast writing and reporting it. Van Horn’s an interesting dude, mostly because he’s really not so interesting. Except in the NBA where he’s different from most guys. And he loves his family and hated moving. These things can, often, make it very hard for an athlete to succeed. But I’m giving away my hard work—go read the story to hear more about him 🙂


New Story on Tony Parker

20 Apr

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 1.58.45 PM

A few days late on this, but I got a new story in the latest issue of SLAM Magazine that I figured I’d link to here. It’s on Tony Parker, who is, well, awesome, yet never seems to get all the respect he deserves. Normally I try to stay away from the whole “he’s such an underrated player and here’s why he shouldn’t be” theme in features. But with this one, especially given who Parker is and how he’s not exactly a guy who’s going to open up a lot in an interview over the phone, the underrated thing seemed like a good direction to go in.

I also touched a bit on what makes the Spurs so good, in my opinion, and opinion of others around the league, and I’m pretty proud of how the story came out, so, if you’ve got five minutes go check it out here.

The Worst Game Featuring the Worst Teams

6 Dec

Had the “pleasure” of going to last nigh’s Knicks-Nets game. My takeaway: both teams suck. Like, a lot. The Nets, however, happen to suck a bit more. And be a bit older, which sort of seems impossible since the Knicks are pretty old. But not as old as last year because one of the oldest players from that team is now a young coach for the Nets. A seemingly incompetent one, too. And the rare coach who’s managed to maintain his coach killer skills even after becoming one. Not sure that has ever happened before.

Anyway, here are some more thoughts on the game that I put together for SLAM. Simply put: the Nets are idiots. They should have gotten some young guys and draft picks and cap room and let everyone kind of grow up together. It’s funny, everyone always likes to say how smart New York fans are but also that you can’t rebuild in New York. I don’t really see how those two beliefs can work together. Rebuilding, especially in the NBA, is often the smartest thing a team can do (look at the Sixers who are already on the path and are going to be entering next season with their lottery pick, a first round pick from the now Anthony Davis-less Pelicans, and Nerlens Noel). Not to mention that there are few things fans love more than a homegrown star.

That’s the path the Nets should have taken. Instead, they went the way of the Knicks and Rangers and Mets of old. Those are three teams that you generally do not want to emulate.