About Yaron

Yaron Weitzman is a writer for Bleacher Report (where he covers the Knicks, NBA and occasionally other topics) and a senior writer for SLAM MagazineHis work (my work? This is why it’s never a good idea to write your own bio) has also appeared in ESPNThe New YorkerNew York Magazine, The Ringer, SB Nation LongformTablet Magazine and a few other places. He hosts his own Knicks podcast for the VSporto network, too.

Oh, and Yaron’s Bleacher Report profile on Adam Morrison received an “honorable mention” from the Professional Basketball Writers Association for NBA feature writing in 2016.

Yaron’s first writing job was for the Journal News, where he perfected the art of writing game stories from the seat of his parked car while wearing gloves (New York winters get pretty cold) because the closed Starbucks outside possessed the only publicly available Internet connection within miles. None of this, however, matches his career highlight of being the ESPN Radio college intern tasked with delivering Stephen A. Smith his daily bag of Cheez Doodles. Yaron, a native of New Rochelle, NY, currently resides in the Bronx (OK, Riverdale’s not quite The Bronx, but technically it is in the borough). He is also always looking for leads and writing opportunities, so feel free to reach out with either, or just to say hi.

You can sign up for his (kind of) weekly newsletter, The TK, here.


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