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The Most Jewish Christmas Eve Movie Experience Ever

24 Dec


‘Tis the season, which means for me and my fellow Hebrews, it’s movie time. As of this writing I got about three hours to decide what I want to see. Part of me is considering downloading The Interview, just to see what all the fuss is about, but I’m also pretty sure that’s it’s not going to be a good movie and I really don’t want to blow my annual Christmas Eve movie watching experience.

Right now I’m choosing between The Hobbit, Birdman (Jeff Pearlman‘s Christmas Ever recommendation) and Top-Five. I’ll decide later. But as I was thinking about this over the past few days, I was reminded of a previous Christmas Eve movie going experience of mine, one that, dare I say, might be the single most Jewish movie experience (not counting actual Jewish films) anyone has ever had outside of Israel.

First off, the location: the movie theater in Lincoln Square, perhaps the most Jewish movie theater in the land. Now Manhattan’s Upper West Side might not be home to as many Jews as a place like, say, Borough park. But most of the Jews who live there don’t really see movies (and yes, I’m generalizing here), whereas the Jews on the Upper West kinda-sorta live for “cinema.” There are genres of film (hello, Woody Allen) that are seemingly made just for this audience. And where does this group usually go to see a movie? Yep, Lincoln Square.

So that’s where I was. And as if that wasn’t enough, the movie I was seeing was Munich (plus one Jew Point!), a film about the eleven Israeli Olympian who were killed by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. It was directed by Steven Spielberg (plus another Jew Point!). And remember, I’m in the Lincoln Square theater (one more Jew Point!). As we say on Passover, dayenu.

And then the previews started. Eventually one came on about some sort of ancient civilization. It was called Apocalypto. I don’t remember much from the trailer but I certainly remember the reaction — boos, as loud as the ones you hear Jets fans make at MetLife Stadium when Bill Belichick is announced — once the following words popped up on the screen:


All that was missing was a Mel Brooks joke.