Carmelo to Miami?

12 Jun

So I’m kind of confused right now. When LeBron first decided to head to Miami, I supported him (not that he cared how I felt but the relationship between fans and players is a whole separate subject for a different time). Why crush someone for placing winning above everything else? Isn’t that what we always ask from our stars? In fact, I’m pretty sure one of the first columns I ever wrote was a defense of LeBorn’s Decision, which, out of fear and embarrassment, I’m going to refrain from finding and linking to. If you want to reach a cheap Bill Simmons imitation there are plenty other places around the Internet where you can do so. But I digress.

The point is that I, as a basketball fan, had no problem with great players linking up. Which is why this Carmelo Anthony thing has me completely torn. And kind of confused. On the surface, my reaction to this should be no different than it was towards LeBron. If Carmelo were to head to Miami it would be an honest admission: that he’s not good enough to win on his own. Really, it would be the most (only?) selfless basketball decision he’s ever made, a choice symbolizing growth as a basketball player, a mature decision made by a man who’s learning from his past.

Which is why I’m really confused by the part of me that wants to go all #HotTakey on Carmelo. You make the Knicks waste all their assets in a trade for you because God forbid you lose a few million, making it clear that getting your cash is more important than winning, and same goes for getting your shots, only to now, out of nowhere, have the epiphany that maybe you’d like your career to go a little differently and that you’d kind of like to maybe, occasionally, win a playoff series. 

This is the definition of inconsistent thinking, and I’m not really sure where it’s coming from. Fandom I guess (just don’t tell anyone that this reporter still roots), and also I think I’m interpreting it as Carmelo trying to be something he’s not. With LeBron, and the way he played, a willingness to sacrifice individual glory (which, looking back now, it’s kind of funny that people thought that going to the Heat, and winning championships, would hurt LeBron’s basketball legacy. Don’t ya’ll know that it’s all about the ringzzz.) jived with what we knew about LeBron as a basketball player. He was aways a pass-first guy; this was just him passing first in his basketball decisions, too.

Carmelo, on the other hand, is like the complete opposite. Scoring and money and status come first. Going to Miami to give up all those things to get a championship, it just doesn’t fit. It’s not him. Or at least it never was. It almost seems fake, or contrived, or like someone doing what they think they’re supposed to do. Of course it could also be coming from a good place.

Why I’m so quick to reject that notion, and why I’m getting so bothered by someone, potentially, showing the ability to grow, is something I’m having trouble putting my finger on.

Anyway, just some rambling.


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