24 Live Blog, Episode 6

12 Jun


Previously on 24

– Lady Stark, very mean, and not a very good jude of people and what makes them click.

– Russian Minister With Awesome Mustache is on to Chief of Staff Tate Donovan and his forgery.

– MOLE! We found the mole. Et tu, Benjamin Bratt.

– British are dumb are ruin Jack Bauer’s plans.

5 pm-6 pm


– Red head down. And for some reason the girl running away is just chilling with the neighbor who saw her and not talking to cops.

– Oh, hey, like, you think maybe Neighbor Dude should have told cops what she saw? It’s like no one except Jack knows how to do their job properly. Jack for World Czar!

– That’s some damn good police work right there, Local Cop.

– “He’s with me.” “I don’t give a damn about your protocols!” DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE MESSING WITH?

– Heller’s sweater is very cute. Feel like that should be mentioned, and probably should have done so earlier.

– The numbers that Jack has in his cell phone…

– “You’ll have complete cooperation.” Oh, President Heller, you’re so naive.

– Britain and US leaders about to go at it…Get. It. On!

– WOW! Heller striking first.


–  Just hug it out.

– “I personally give you my word that he will have everything he needs.” Yeah, that’s not happening.

– Lady Stark is MEAN.


– Oh shit, new CTU London character, and he’s fishy looking. Mole stuff is in play. Can’t wait for Benjamin Bratt to suddenly start seeming more suspicious, and doing suspicious things, around the office now.

– SHITTTTT. It’s Edward Snowden/Julian Asange dude. Should have seen this coming, such a 24 move. The left wing whistle blower figure isn’t some idealistic individual trying to make the world a better place—he’s just in it for the money. Show is in full swing now, by the way.

– This local cop not surviving, right?

– Another classic 24 back-and-forth. “Dr, I need to speak to her as quickly as possible.” “That’s not possible.” Yes it is, I’m Jack Bauer, BITCH.”

– No one adds please to the end of a harsh demand quite like Jack Bauer.

– Is now really the best time for a soda, Lady Jack? Don’t you pay attention to your mentor? Do you ever see him drinking soda?

– Ah, not for her. And what the fuck is ginger beer?

– This girl has it pretty put together considering she just saw her mom get stabbed to death like 12 minutes ago.

– Girl’s got great hearing, too. She heard all the stuff her aunt and mom were talking about?

– This guy’s sneaky—or maybe next time Lady Jack shouldn’t have this super classified and urgent convo OUT LOUD IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAITING AREA.

– “Find out exactly where she is, we’ll take care of everything from here.” I’m no drone expert, but if you’re using one to blow up a hospital does it really matter that you find out exactly where she is in the building? Wouldn’t a shot towards the center do the trick?

(No clock after coming back for commercial for some reason, so guessing it’s about 5:27)

– Benjy Bratt setting this dude up, huh?

– “It’s important this stays between us.” Yeah, not suspicious at all.

– Bratt gonna develop a conscience?

– Chief of Staff Tate Donovan gonna pull something here, right?

-Damn, Jack going guerrilla style. Not really sure what the point of knocking her out was.

– “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that, I just hate these people.” Is it possible that Jack’s gotten even darker.

– Dammit! Drink.

– Hahah, these bad guys exchange non-coded text messages.


– Dammit Drink.

– Nice call of the bluff, Jack.

– So the hospital staff are evacuating people and no one thinks to check on the young girl there by herself? London’s got awesome nurses I see.

– Hahah of course Jack and Lady Jack happen to cross paths while coming out.

– Well this is a new one for Jack and 24—trying to outrun a drone in a car.

– Wow, gruesome injuries they’re showing.

– Dammit! And another Dammit! Drink, drink.

– Hahahah I guess going Mike Tyson on that dude was necessary.

– You see, you can just pull a gun and yell, “Get out of the car.” No need to knock people out.

– Why you threatening poor homeless people, Jack?

– Boom! Faked the shit out of you, Lady Stark. And her son’s of excited for just killing his sister, no?


– Yep, this meeting location isn’t sketchy at all. If this guy survives, he’s gonna make a terrible field agent.

– He’s not dead, of course, so now we got the plot to play out.

– Russian Minister With Awesome Facial Hair. I love this guy. He’s also VERY perceptive. And we’re about to get some awesome blackmail. Chief of Staff Tate Donovan is in trouble.

– This is where Russians disappear and then reappear again at really inopportune time. Pretty sure this happened with Chinese once. 24 is so good at recycling old plots with new players.

– Heller getting emotional. Weird. He gonna hand himself in? Is that even possible for the president to do?

– Sweater is coming off. Heller means business.

– hahaha that picture they got Lady Stark looking at with her daughter—the girl doesn’t look ANYTHING like Simone looks today.

– “Can I trust you to keep your word?” Yeah, because if she says yes I’d totally believe her and anything else she has to say. No reason to think otherwise.

– Yeah, this is dumb, and awesome obviously, but not fully doing it for me. Anyway, see ya’ll next week.


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