24 Live Blog, Episode 4

22 May


Well, we’re back (you’re welcome, Roni). Apologies for missing an episode there, NBA playoffs make it difficult to keep up on TV shows. Hopefully from now on I’ll be good to go with these, and able to do so in a timely fashion, but enough with the intro, let’s get to it.

Previously on 24

– These British MPs have amazing accents, even when angry.

– Lolz that 24 feels the need to tell us who Jack Bauer is. Guys, if we’re watching the reboot, I think we’re good in that area.

– Lady Stark is creepy. Watching her daughter bang on a secret camera? Also, me being the 24 veteran that I am, I’m guessing that the daughter’s hubby has got some larger role to play later on.

– “They’re shooting at us!” All time great Jack move.

Event occur in real time

2 pm-3 pm

– Oh, well, we’re right back into it. God, this show is great.

– “How?” Chloe asks. “I created a diversion,”Jack says. Sort of an understatement.

– Yes, the sleeper move is back!

– This Edward Snowden/Julian Asange guy is really not catching on to how things in 24 World work.

– Chloe’s friend is confusing me. Are we supposed to know his backstory? What’s his connection with Jack?

– CIA people don’t have to show badges or anything when walking into the embassy and talking to the head of security there? No wonder 24 World has so many leaks.

– Don’t answer that phone. Unless you want to end up in a sleeper hold.

– Or knocked out from behind.

– “Son, right now I believe you.” Yep, that should be all this arrested dude needs. After all, nothing has happened to him today to make him think that trusting random people might not be a great idea.

– HAHAHAHA, the guard watching him has the flight key on him?!


– Why do these super-important-and-secure building always have like some random way out through the basement?

– Ooo, maybe this one actually doesn’t.

– “I don’t think you understand, it’s over, they’re going to put you in prison.” Sweet joke, Chloe. I would have thought you’d be more familiar with how this goes by now.


– Not really feeling these villains. Hope our Level 2 bad guys are more fun to watch.

– HAHAHA, this guys thinks he’s leaving. Bet he has some Super Awesome Plan that he thinks will work, too.

– Yep, he has keys and a car parked down the road. What could go wrong?

– “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I’m betting that happens, thought not in the way he thinks it will.

– There’s gonna be some stupid plot twist where she sells him out later, isn’t there?

– Director Benjamin Bratt is not very smart.

–  Hasn’t Jack been living, like, in a hut for the past few years? And didn’t he spend years before that in a Chinese prison? How does he know how to do this computer stuff? And what the hell is a T-window, or whatever Chloe called it?

– “Give me your word.” Boom! Drink.

– This guy’s up to something, isn’t he?

– “Son of a bitch!” “How long is this going to take?” Yes, yes, yes. Give me more!

– Oh, we got one of these Jack-takes-hostages-for-a-greater-good scenes coming up. Another 24 staple.


– Uch, I’m sick of Lady Stark and her family. Someone Red Wedding her (spoiler alert).

– HAHA, she’s pretending she’s got like that super mother instinct. Sneaky.

– Chief of Staff Tate Donovan is impressed.

– Benjamin Bratt’s job status is in trouble.


– This guy doesn’t realize that if Jack wanted them dead, they’d be dead. HE HIT YOU IN THE BODY VEST, BRAH.

– Oh, shit, all the cards are out on the table now. Blondy will believe Jack, Chris Partlow won’t.

– Lolz, classic.

– President Heller, still got it.

– This is gonna be an awkward convo. Um, yeah, remember that Jack guy? So he’s in London now.


– Gotta give Chief of Staff Tate credit for being upfront here at least.

–  Shit. Just. Got. real.


– Oh, this guy’s in trouble. Just kill him already, please.

– Not sure these people know what “love” is.

– This guy picked a horrible time to develop a conscience.

– She’s gonna shoot her daughter or something, isn’t she?

–  Oh, that’s fucked up.

– OH SHIT!!!! WTF?!?!?!

– That will definitely come back to bite Momma Red-Head-Bad-Lady in the ass later on.

– Yep, Agent Benjamin Bratt, still not very smart.

– What a call out!! He wants blondy—didn’t see that coming. Also, that was a weird back and forth.

– “I barely grazed them.” Fantastic.

– Heller Surprise Face. That’s some fineee acting right there.

– Something has to go wrong here. Can’t be “and everyone starts working together from here on out” now. That wouldn’t be 24.

– Ooo, these guys have some bad blood. And damn straight you earned that right, Jack. You da ma!

– Did Heller and Jacko have a bad breakup? I don’t remember.

– Tate vs. Audrey. Here we go.

– “All I’ve ever seen is that damage he leaves in his wake.” That’s good stuff.


– Sick speech, Head Soldier Man. Though seems like he’s a little too angry and trigger happy.

– Yep, that young soldier is not gonna pull the trigger. Jack’s gonna go all low voice on him or something and look into his eyes,

– It’s funny when you remember that these two CIA people have only been working together for like four hours.

– What’s with all the cuts to the hostages?

– Jack never surrenders and lets his work go for nothing.

– Lets’ get it on!

– Sneaking up on Jack is never a good idea, lady. C’mon. Gotta be smarter if going to be Jack’s heir.

– Say “I give you my word” and he’ll trust you.

– Damnnnn, this woman’s tough. Shoving soldiers out of the way and stuff.

– Can’t believe he’s stuck here doing the drone piloting. He had a plan and keys and a car parked down the street. Shocked, I tell ya, shocked.

That was fun, see you next week. 


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