24 Is Back

6 May


24 came back tonight, and man was it awesome. There were “dammits,” incompetent government agents and everything else that a 24 fan could want. Anyway, towards the end of the premier I decided to do a sort of live blog for the second episode and, hopefully, future ones as well. You can find that below. First, though, a recap/retroactive diary of Episode 1.

– We’re starting at 11:06. That’s a new twist.

– Jack’s first appearance: maybe one minute into the show. Jack’s first words: about twenty minutes later. This show is the best.

– Hey, it’s Chris Partlow from The Wire playing a CTU agent. Or CIA London—though I’ll still be calling it CTU—agent.

– First Dammit goes to Benjamin Bratt, I feel betrayed.

–  Is it weird that I can recognize the thing that Jack shoots into Chloe’s chest as an adrenaline shot? #24Veteran.

– Glad to see the CIA’s security guards, who for some reason dress like mall cops, are just as inept and pathetic as CTU’s were.

– So our President has alzheimer’s. That seems like it could be a bit of a problem going forward. Also, fantastic plot piece. Can’t wait to see what happens with this one. Feel like Tate Donovan is going to use that to his advantage at some point.

12 pm-1 pm

–  Carnage at CTU! Or CIA-London-Building-Acting-As-Standin-For-CTU. See what happens when you don’t listen to Blond Field Agent Who Has A Hunch, Director Benjamin Bratt. Hope you’ve learned your lesson.

– Apparently Female Jack Bauer is working with Kenny Powers reincarnated as a British cop.

– “This is the very last time,” he says. Lol.

– Benjamin Bratt is losing control of his people. Classic 24 move. Though pairing Chris Partlow with a woman is a smart move. Everyone knows he works well with a female. RIP, Snoop.

– Chloe’s gone goth apparently.


– Sick scarf, English Julian Asange.

– Something about the way British people say organization. Or-gan-I-za-shon.

– Now I’m confused. Who the hell is Jack working for? Also, he wasn’t kidding about not having friends. Ah, Chloe, when will you learn?


– Wow, Chloe is a horrendous actress. Was she always this bad? And why does everyone in this Or-gan-I-za-shon appear to be 19 years old.

– There is zero chance this bad guy doing the drone stuff is allowed to live by Super Bad Woman.


– Oh, this soldier is in trouble. And he got into a fight with the Major earlier. He’s got no chance.

– “Missiles don’t arm themselves.” And they know about the weekend pass!

– If I was this guy, I’d play the race card.

– Holy shit this Prime Minister is huge.

– Ah, Tate Donovan, you are so naive. And transparent. And something tells me, veteran 24 watcher that I am, that there’s more to this Jack Bauer hunt than Audrey Raines.

– Serbian friend. Was just wondering who he was? Didn’t Season 1 stuff have to do with Serbians?

– “There’s no going back for me.” Jack, you sad man. And love when 24 works in a nice political debate.

– Jack Bauer and Julian Asange working together, So nice.

– Jack+Chloe forever.


– “They’re going to respond to honesty.” President Heller, you sweet, naive old man.

– Tate Donovan doesn’t really seem to have much faith in his boss.

– “This was you, yes?” drone dude’s lady friend asks him. Yep, you guys are both dead.

– Willing to be this plot doesn’t go exactly according to plan.


– “I wanna test our com-units.” Attention to detail. That’s what makes this show.


– President Heller, still got it, baby. Take that, Tate.

–  Oh shit, three men. Not good.

– Nevermind. He doesn’t still have it. This is awkward.

–  “You think I’m at a disadvantage; I promise you I’m not” might be an all-time great Jack line.

– Dude, why are you leaving that USB thing in your computer? Rookie mistake.

– You fool, bullets don’t hurt Jack. They only make him stronger.



– “You were right Jack” No shit!

– “Son of a bitch.” !!!

– “Son of a bitch.” Again. Two in 30 seconds.

– And a Dammit! I think I just had an orgasm.

– This girl is about to kill him, isn’t she? Shouldn’t have mentioned new buyer.

–  Yep he’s dead.

– Yeah, there it is. For a brilliant computer guy, he wasn’t very smart.

Well that was fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue this going forward. So happy to have Jack and the Gang back in my life. 


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