Michael Sam

10 Feb

Chris Kluwe says he was cut by the Vikings because he had become such a loud proponent of gay rights. His special teams coach at the time said that all gays should be dropped on an island and then nuked.

Jonathan Vilma said just last week that he wouldn’t want a gay teammate because oh my God they won’t be able to keep from checking out his glorious body in the shower. Adrian Peterson, the NFL MVP just one season ago and one of the faces of the league, has said that he’s “not with it” when asked about his thoughts on gay marriage.

Kerry Rhodes, a former All-Pro safety who is just 31-years-old, can’t seem to find a job in a league full of defenses struggling to contain opposing passing units. You see, Rhodes might be gay, and teams like the Jets apparently would rather have the more incompetent, less-jacked Landry brother lining deep for them because at he likes girls. And these are just the stories we know about.

This is the league and society that Michael Sam will now be entering.

This is a big deal, and something that matters.

Michael Sam is the man.

(After writing this, I decided to elaborate a bit more on these thoughts over on TDdaily.com. Check it out).


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