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My Popi Is a Die-Hard Heat Fan. He’s 94-Years-Old

26 Dec

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.53.39 PM

I got a new story that went up on Tuesday for Tablet MagazineIt’s about my grandfather, who I have grown closer with over the years. There are many reasons for this, I think, but one has definitely been the fact that recently he has become a huge Miami Heat fan. As it says above, he’s 94. Anyway, the story means a lot to me and I worked hard on it, so if you get a chance, check it out.

*Side note: The picture above is of Dan LeBatard and his father, who reminds me of my Popi—mine’s pretty much a 94-year-old Jewish version of him—who co-host a daily sports show on ESPN2 which I absolutely love. This, meaning my feelings written about it this Tablet story, is probably why. 

The Worst Game Featuring the Worst Teams

6 Dec

Had the “pleasure” of going to last nigh’s Knicks-Nets game. My takeaway: both teams suck. Like, a lot. The Nets, however, happen to suck a bit more. And be a bit older, which sort of seems impossible since the Knicks are pretty old. But not as old as last year because one of the oldest players from that team is now a young coach for the Nets. A seemingly incompetent one, too. And the rare coach who’s managed to maintain his coach killer skills even after becoming one. Not sure that has ever happened before.

Anyway, here are some more thoughts on the game that I put together for SLAM. Simply put: the Nets are idiots. They should have gotten some young guys and draft picks and cap room and let everyone kind of grow up together. It’s funny, everyone always likes to say how smart New York fans are but also that you can’t rebuild in New York. I don’t really see how those two beliefs can work together. Rebuilding, especially in the NBA, is often the smartest thing a team can do (look at the Sixers who are already on the path and are going to be entering next season with their lottery pick, a first round pick from the now Anthony Davis-less Pelicans, and Nerlens Noel). Not to mention that there are few things fans love more than a homegrown star.

That’s the path the Nets should have taken. Instead, they went the way of the Knicks and Rangers and Mets of old. Those are three teams that you generally do not want to emulate.