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NBA Predictions

30 Oct

I meant to publish this yesterday but completely forgot. Oh well. Anyway, here’s a rundown of my sure-to-be-very-wrong predictions for the upcoming season, for no reason other than “why not.”


1. Heat

2. Bulls

3. Pacers

4. Nets

5. Knicks

6. Cavs

7. Wizards

8. Hawks

Conference Finals: Heat over Bulls


1. Clippers

2. Spurs

3. Thunder

4. Warriors

5. Rockets

6. Grizzlies

7. Timberwolves

8. Lakers

Conference Finals: Thunder over Warriors

Finals: Heat over Thunder

MVP: LeBron

ROY: Oladipo

COY: Spoelstra (He won’t win, but one day he should get one.)

The Shot Doctor

29 Oct


Have a new story up today for Tablet Magazine. It’s one I’m pretty proud of, and worked pretty hard on—which, of course, I always do :)—so if you get a chance, go check it out. It’s about a man, John Goldman, who is called (by himself and others) the “Shot Doctor.” He’s a shooting expert, but also someone who’s lived a sort of Forrest Gump-like life: He’s good friends with Elliott Gould; managed a former member of The Temptations; has had a line in a Garry Marshall movie (Marshall is a longtime friend of his). And, when it comes to teaching individual skills, he’s also a brilliant basketball coach.

So anyway, that’s the summary. Hope you enjoy.