My First Ever Trip to the West Coast, Day 1

15 Jul


Yesterday afternoon I took a walk. For the first time in more than a month, I was able to do so without sweating. For about two hours, if not more, I walked. The sun was shining and I was walking, and still, not a drop of sweat could be found on my body.

LA is awesome!

Granted, at the moment that I am writing this, I’ve only been out here for about, oh, say 24 hours, and this is my first time ever going west of Cleveland, but still, I feel like describing LA as an amazing place is not me prematurely jumping to a ridiculous conclusion. The weather is incredible, the people (excluding those hosting me) are beautiful. There are beaches that you can walk to, and yet, unlike Miami Beach, you can do so without having it look like you just trekked through a tropical storm, which, as you may be picking up on, is a problem that I am unfortunately forced to deal with quite frequently. And for those of us who are sweaters, summers in Manhattan, my home of the moment, are absolute torture.

Sure, there are some weird things going on here. For example, in the two hours I’ve been sitting here in this Beverly Hills coffee shop, I’ve seen about four men—some in their 40s, some older—walk in wearing button down shirts with multiple buttons unbuttoned. Also, everyone here seems to be obsessed with or working in the movie business. As I write this from Peet’s Coffee and Tea on Beverly Drive, there are three different business meetings going on around me, and the discussions in every single one of them seem to be movie related. Right now I can hear some dude with side burns and in sunglasses, jeans and a plaid shirt pitching his script to an another dude and words and phrases like “my character,” “James Franco,” “it’s more than a love story,” “he would be good in it, although I don’t think he’s perfect,” are being used. And also, yesterday there was this, which on the one hand is kind of cool, but also a bit nutty, to say the least.

pic 1

What’s going on here? Well, I’m no exactly sure. At one point at the beach in Santa Monica there’s this patch of green just east of the sand where a bunch of people of different ages and colors get together and take part in what I would call a giant yoga orgy. It’s just a bunch of people standing on the green stretching and breathing and bending together, and sometimes on top of one another. It’s very confusing. But hey, to each their own.

Anyway, more to come throughout the week. Who knows, maybe by week’s end, I’ll be taking part in the yoga orgy myself.


2 Responses to “My First Ever Trip to the West Coast, Day 1”

  1. Pat Bateman July 22, 2013 at 10:37 pm #

    Wonderful piece, but where’s part II?

    Also, it’s Peet’s Coffee, not Pete’s. Amateur.

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