The Most Underrated Show on TV

1 Jul


OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration since I’m pretty sure people do actually like Veep and consider it an exceptional show. For some reason, though, it doesn’t seem to get the recognition and and praise that it deserves. It certainly never gets mentioned in the “Best Comedies on TV” conversation.

Veep, which wrapped up its second season last week, might be—save for the brilliant South Park and the wonderful Parks and Recreation—as funny a 30-minute sitcom as you’ll find on TV. Julia Louis Dreyfus* is fantastic as Selina Meyer, the foul-mouthed, constantly-trampled on Vice President of the United States who hates the first word in her title and has big eyes for her boss’ chair.

*(Want to talk about things that are underrated: Julia Louis Dreyfus might be the best comedic actress of the past twenty years, yet you never hear anyone talk about her. You can have Melissa McCarthy and her low-hanging fruit version of humor; I’ll take Elaine Benes and her ability to convey her character’s selfish emotions so perfectly in a smile or a frown, any day of the week.)

In fact, that’s all her eyes are focused on, and in Veep‘s Washington DC, that statement applies to everyone, from the lowest congressional secretary to the Vice President herself. Everyone is a career-oriented prick who views people as tools rather than human beings. Everyone (aside from Gary, an emotionally castrated, tote bag-carrying aid of the Veep’s) is looking out only for themselves, and everyone else knows it…and respects/expects it. No political parties are ever mentioned, nor should they ever be. They don’t matter. Everyone in Washington DC is a narcissistic vampire; what side they play on is irrelevant.

What’s not irrelevant is how they play the game of politics, which we get to see played out in hilarious, absurd fashion. Yet despite it’s absurdities, all the cursing and conniving and clueless characters seem like people we’d actually meet if we were given a peek behind DC’s curtain. It’s the perfect form of satire. Completely ridiculous, yet you feel like what you’re watching on Veep is actually a pretty decent portrayal of life in DC, just with an a touch obvious exaggeration.

Sometimes the only way to deal with the insane aspects of life it too laugh at them. Otherwise, things can get too depressing. Veep gets this. You should watch it.


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