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First Post: Why Being a Mets Fan Sucks

20 Jun

Because it allows the guy at Coffee Bean to cut off your ordering of that delicious, incredibly refreshing ice-blended drink that you’ve been craving all day so that he can point at your orange Mets t-shirt and say “You must have just been running, because no one would ever wear THAT shirt in public.” (That this statement doesn’t totally make sense since, ya know, running is usually done in an area that would be referred to by most as “public” is besides the point.)

Because it allows the same Coffee Bean employee to stop you on your trip to the bathroom a couple of hours later and add, “I thought we agreed that you were taking that depressing shirt off.” Because it means seriously wondering to yourself whether Matt Harvey, the Mets’ flame throwin’, hope-carryin’, soon to be nothin’ wearin’ pitching phenom should be allowed to throw another inning this season. After all, what’s the point? This season is a pointless one going nowhere anyway, so why waste any of the bullets that Harvey has in his arm on a worthless season…Also, I’m only half-kidding.

This is what it feels like to be a Mets fan. It’s a depressing exercise, one devoid of hope, even when the hopeful signs are there.

Even when the Mets get things right, they don’t. Between Harvey and Zach Wheleer and Dillon Gee and Jeremy Hefner and Jon Niese, the Mets should, theoretically, have a playoff-caliber rotation for next season, which means that, theoretically, the Mets should have a playoff-caliber team next season. Of course, that also means that they’ll need to add at least three major league outfielders, a major league shortstop, and a few major league relievers. That’s a lot to add in one offseason. Count me as a skeptic, and the fact that the Mets are, most likely, going to be wasting another year of David Wright’s prime is infuriating. That the rest of the team won’t be ready to take advantage of all of these healthy young arms, when young arms don’t often stay healthy, is terrifying.

At least in the good ol’ days (translation: pre-Madoff), when Jeromy Burnitz and Mo Vaughn were roaming the field, or attempting to, there was an attempt by the Mets to sell their fan-base hope. These days we’re forced to celebrate the arrival of some outfielder named Eric Young Jr, or pray that Harvey and David Wright both get to start in the All-Star game next month in front of us at Citi Field, because after that, well, there’s really nothing else.

Except my Mets t-shirt. That, I still have. In fact, I actually have two.